Sales Circulars - 2019

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  Sales Circular No. Subject
SC No D-28/2019 dated 11.07.2019 Connection of new consumer on existing independent feeder.
SC No D-27/2019 dated 11.07.2019 Schedule of General and Miscellaneous Charges.
SC No D-26/2019 dated 10.07.2019 Approval of Electrification Plan in the colonies /Multi-storied Buildings /Group housing societies developed by HUDA/ HSIDC/ Private Colonizers / SEZ- Load norms for Community sites and Nursing Homes in residential plotted colonies.
SC No D-25/2019 dated 28.06.2019 Supply of meter, CTs/PTs, meter cubical and metering equipment for release of connection—Amendment thereof.
SC No D-24/2019 dated 27.06.2019 Assessment of Inadequacy Cost on account of deficient/inadequate electrical infrastructure created/erected by the Developers..
SC No D-23/2019 dated 27.06.2019 Regarding supply of Solar Power on RESCO mode by installation and commissioning of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plants with Net metering facility in various Jails and other Govt. buildings.
SC No D-22/2019 dated 27.06.2019 Levy of Fuel Surcharge Adjustment (FSA).
SC No D-21/2019 dated 21.06.2019 HERC Regulations 42/2019, 43/2019 & 44/2019.
SC No D-20/2019 dated 21.06.2019 Schedule of tariff for supply of energy.
SC No D-19/2019 dated 07.06.2019 Chargeability of GST on deposit and contribution works (expenses for providing electric line/plant) executed by DHBVN.
SC No D-18/2019 dated 09.05.2019 Clarification regarding sharing cost & charges for applicant taking connection on an alrady existing independent feeder.
SC No D-17/2019 dated 29.04.2019 Chargeability of GST on deposit and contribution works (expenses for providing electric line/plant) executed by DHBVN.
SC No D-16/2019 dated 23.04.2019 Mhara Gaon Jag Mag Gaon - Amendment.
SC No D-15/2019 dated 08.04.2019 Schedule of tariff for supply of energy.
SC No D-14/2019 dated 08.04.2019 Time of Use (ToU) / Time of Day (ToD) tariff.
SC No D-13/2019 dated 08.04.2019 Levy of Fuel Surcharge Adjustment (FSA).
SC No D-12/2019 dated 22.03.2019 Commercial Accounting System - Introduction of new accounts head in respect to the Sale Circular No. D-24/2018.
SC No D-11/2019 dated 15.03.2019 Corrigendum; Schedule of Tariff for Supply of Energy.
SC No D-10/2019 dated 15.03.2019 Release of Tube-well Connection.
SC No D-9/2019 dated 14.03.2019 Issue of demand notice for applicants seeking extension of load on independent feeder under Sales Circular No. D-26-2017.
SC No D-8/2019 dated 09.03.2019 Supply of Meter, CTs/PTs, Meter Cubical and Metering equipment for release of connection.
SC No D-7/2019 dated 06.03.2019 Power subsidy scheme of Rs.2/- per Unit for all industrial connections in 'C' & 'D' category blocks of the State with a connected load of 20 KW or Less.
SC No D-6/2019 dated 27.02.2019 Release of Tubewell Connection - Issue of Demand Notice.
SC No D-5/2019 dated 25.01.2019 Mhara Gaon Jag Mag Gaon for Dera / Dhanis on AP feeders having PAT T/F.
SC No D-4/2019 dated 09.01.2019 Procedure for writing off irrecoverable amount from non-existing / untraceable consumers.
SC No D-3/2019 dated 05.01.2019 Release of temporary electric connection with 300 to 900 meters from the crest of the outer parapet of the Air Force Station Gurugram.
SC No D-2/2019 dated 02.01.2019 Revised Delegation of Powers for the applications pertaining to Change of Name and Reduction of Load.
SC No D-1/2019 dated 01.01.2019 Release of New Connection / EOL & ROL of HT and LT / CT Connections.