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1. How did my computer get infected in the first place?
" Insecure browsing
" Drive-by-download attacks - visiting websites infected by malicious scripts
" Using pirated software
" Clicking on links mentioned in phishing/social engineering emails
" Opening malicious email attachments
" Malware infection via Removable Drives
" Using weak or default passwords
" Using out of date antivirus solution, operating systems and applications
2. How do I know that my computer is infected with a bot?
If the user witness any unusual behavior such as an unknown communication sent by the system, unidentified data consumption, self-installed application/software, etc. the computer / device should be scanned immediately with AntiVirus Scanners or Rescue disks provided freely or commercially by different antivirus vendors to detect malware/botnet infections.
3. How do I protect my computer against further attacks?
To avoid system compromises, it is advised to make use of licensed and genuine software, keep your system updated with latest security patches, install and maintain updated antimalware solutions, disable Autoplay /Autorun for removable drives etc. For security best practices kindly refer to "Cyber Security Tips " Section.
4. How do I clean my computer from infection?
To remove the malware, you need to scan your computer / device with the recommended antivirus/tools and take steps to improve the security of your computer / device. We encourage you to visit Cyber Swachta Kendra (website https://www.csk.gov.in/security-tools.html) who are providing free bot removal tools for this initiative.
5. Can I use any removal tool or Antivirus other than recommended?
You may use genuine "Antivirus software" or "Removal tools" provided by reputed antivirus companies, update the same and scan your system to remove malware/bots.
6. Do I need to format my computer system?
No, initially it is not advised to format your system. For initial cleaning, scan your system with updated antivirus solution and remove all the detections found. Observe the system behavior for couple of days, if the infection persist in the system then it is advised to take complete backup of your important files and then format your system.
7. Do I need to install free/paid full version of an anti-virus solution?
It is always recommended to install a free or paid full version of the antivirus solution to protect from cyber threats.
8. My computer is warning me about the software piracy, what should I do?
Check the warning of specific software and install genuine licensed software.
9. My computer is re-infected with the same infection and I have received multiple notifications from my ISP, what should I do?
It is advised to follow best practices listed above including installation of full version of updated Antivirus software. If the problem persists, consult a security expert.
10. My computer is already installed with a full version of an anti-virus solution, still I have got a notification, what should I do?
Probably, your computer might be running an outdated version of Antivirus, or malware signature database might be outdated. Hence, it is advised to check for the latest update for the installed antivirus solution and then scan the infected computer for any possible sign of infections.