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DHBVN Mission:Excellence in power distribution

1. The DHBVN rededicates it to serve masses by extending reliable, quality, uninterrupted, safe and clean power to consumers at affordable tariff to boost agricultural, industrial and economic development in Haryana

Priority Focus on:-
    • · Augmentation, renovation and modernisation of existing distribution system
      · Expansion of distribution net work
      · Preventive maintenance of distribution system

2. The DHBVN is determined to bring down line losses

Focus on:-
    • · Segregation and rehabilitation of all lengthier and overloaded feeders
      · Setting up additional pole mounted substations
      · Construction of additional 33 KV grid substations and augmentation of capacity of existing substations
      · Providing dedicated/independent transformers to farmers
      · Introducing High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS) and improve HT/LT ratio
      · Strengthening energy audit system
      · Cent per cent metering, including metering of tubewell connections
      · Shifting of meters to out side consumers' premises
      · Abating theft/pilferage and misuse of electricity with the involvement of public
      · Stringent punitive action against unscrupulous people committing theft of power

3. Improvement in collection efficiency will be the base of consistently achieving high growth and financial viability.

Focus on:-
    • · Minimising the live arrears
      · Reduction in permanent default arrears
      · Zero tolerance for non-payment of bills (Timely and proper disconnection on default
      · Cent per cent billing on the basis of actual meter reading and elimination of average billing
      · Use of spot billing and other special billing and collection techniques
      · To ensure timely distribution of bills
      · Expansion and popularising cash collection through banks and post offices
      · Cash collection by Ex-servicemen in rural area
      · Introduction of prepaid metering system
      · Better service in areas of good payer consumers

4. The DHBVN commits to honesty, integrity and transparency in actions to achieve higher level of consumer satisfaction

Focus on:-
    • · Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission's (HERC's) standards of performance is to be citizens' charter.
      · Connections to be released on demand.
      · To set up customer care centers to give single window facility to consumers.
      · Expansion of computerised complaint handling system through Bijli Suvidha Kendras (BSKs) upto village level.
      · Use of Ex-servicemen power to improve consumer service.
      · To evolve better consumer dealing and complaint handling system at sub-divisional level.
      · To create consumer friendly environment at sub-divisional offices and complaint centres.
      · To start mobile complaint handling system.
      · Out sourcing of consumer complaint handling.

5. The DHBVN perpetrates to encourage and support energy savings activities and demand side management optimizing the use of electricity

Focus on:-
    • · Separating urban and rural load.
      · Segregation of agriculture and rural domestic load.
      · Providing independent feeders to industries.
      · Reactive power management through capacitor installation.
      · Encouraging diversification from water guzzling crops to lesser water consuming crops.
      · Bringing on DHBVN books the total connected load.
      · To promote use of standard quality electricity gadgets and machines.
      · To educate consumers on conservation of electricity.
      · To promote remodeling and modernisation of pump-sets.

6. The DHBVN promises modernisation of management to bring about cost effectiveness and efficiency in functioning.

Focus on:-
    • · Evolving participatory management to enable workers and managers discuss vital issues together and work hand in hand towards common goals.
      · Persistent drive for increase in revenue and reduction in costs.
      · To encourage ideas, talent and value system.
      · To promote a work culture that fosters individual growth, team spirit and creativity to overcome challenges and attain goals.
      · Circles to act as profit centres; buy the power they require, pay for it and meet their expanses through their own income.

7. The DHBVN realizes inherent potential in new technology, particularly information technology, for improving efficiency, accounting, information level and consumer satisfaction.

Focus on:-
    • · Bijli Suvidha Kendras (Call Centres) having connected rural areas also.
      · Web based availability of each and every information (Information publishing).
      · Information facilitation counters/ consumer helpline centres at sub-divisional level.
      · Web based database publishing.
      · Development of IT within the organisation.
      · Lesser paper office.
      · Connectivity of workforce to Internet and encouraging usage of I.T. tools right down to their home level also.
      · E-billing and on line payment, ATM type cash collection centres.
      · Providing means of communication of latest technology to maximum number of employees.
      · E - tendering.
      · Net work mapping.
      · Data logging.
      · Remote meter reading.
      · Electricity distribution automation.